I liked the pressure and physical condition Samedov. In the game against the "Zilina" Alexander auditioned for the unfamiliar left wing, and with the "Copenhagen" without replacement played on your favorite right touchline - with frequent and beneficial shifts in the midfield, where habvek the Russian team and the great pass, and several times cleverly evading the opponents . Samedov will score more.

As part of the autumn-winter season in the Premier League, fans of "Spartacus" rightly worried about the zone of responsibility of Andrei Eshchenko. It was in his possession at the end of the first half originated lone scoring attack "Copenhagen": Dmitri Kombarov due to an error colleagues fouls, the referee pointed to the spot, and in the 44th minute through equaled. Something must be done with Eshchenko ... 1486226072_kerj_zenit.jpg Are penalties Davydov? "Spartacus" exclusive beat "Copenhagen"

Solbakken together a strong and a fighting team that does not hesitate to bluff fouls, even in friendly matches so that players on the team for the Moscow Health at times it was really scary. Especially when on the field during the second half appeared brittle Ananidze, accurate transfer of erecting a second assist attack "Spartacus." Jeannot top threw a pass to Davydov, Denis from the right flank into the net, and DROP defender clumsily cut the ball into his own. 2: 1 - well done.

Here are a few observations from this bonus match.

Glushakov calmly withstood 90 minutes, a couple of times shoots on goal, but the classic "funeral" was far away.

Are penalties Davydov? "Spartacus" exclusive beat "Copenhagen"

In the second half Selikhov remembered several accurate offsets. 22-year-old keeper is able to play better ohmuritelya feet rods, and this chip will certainly come in handy, "Spartacus" in the spring, when suddenly Rebrov something happens. Okay, do not come in handy this spring, so in the coming years: Artyom March 4 banging 33.

Jikia also has high-quality long-range cross - in this respect the possibility of his left foot on the right like Kutepov. But in the match against "Copenhagen" George immediately covered with the pressure of the opponents. Apparently, watched the game with "Zilina".

Melgarejo. This situation obliges Lorenzo now to squeeze out a maximum of every time the dropped case. And Paraguayan presses in full, correctly opens and clings balls. The volume of work performs decent. I think Lorenzo More help Massimo Carrera, because the shop is boring.

Makeev. A few minutes before the final whistle, I noticed that Eugene depicted Dani Alves - ran down the right wing forward, then stayed closest to the opponent's penalty area player. Unfortunately, this connection is noticed only me.

In general, a penalty and effective action Davydov. When we saw this combo? "Spartacus" Exclusive victory. And now - well-deserved three-day holiday.