Dimitri Payet has done everything in his power to guide the "West Ham" sell it "Marseille". The whole story looks ugly, incomprehensible and resembles some kind of hysterical pregnant woman. Nevertheless, allowing one of the most exciting transfer sagas of the winter off-season, we can say perfect. "West Ham" rescued solid sredsta getting rid of rotten player who undermined the foundations vnutrikomandnye. "Marseille" also acquired a creative midfielder and a player of the French team on the problematic position of left winger.

Top 10 most expensive transfers of winter-2017

4. Gonzalo Gedesh 1486199354_miranchuk_1.jpg From / To: "Benfica" - PSG Price: € 30 million.

PSG - one of the most active fighters ended transfer window. Qatari sheikhs for the acquisition of the two midfielders have spent a total of 70 million euros.. EUR 30 mln. have been transferred to the account of "Benfica" for the midfielder "eagles" Gonzalo Gedesha, which at home in one voice called the "new Ronaldo". If we talk about the position and style of the latter-day player of the Parisians, the similarities are obvious, but on closer examination it becomes evident that Gedesh a team player. If Ronaldo, being in front of goal, will look for an opportunity to strike, it will try to find Gonzalo transfer of his partner.

Top 10 most expensive transfers of winter-2017

3. Gabriel Zhezuc

From / To: "Palmeiras" - "Manchester City" Price: 32 million euros.

19-year-old rookie, "Manchester City" - one of the best representatives of his generation. If we talk about all the transfer window, it is this transition is seen the most interesting and promising development. . Zhezuc purchased from "Palmeiras" for 32 million euros, it has already managed to make his debut in the "citizens", with his play in the match against "Tottenham" (2: 2) and "Crystal Palace" (3: 0) has been very bright. Moreover, in a League Cup match against Sam Allardyce team Olympic champion managed to be noted by a goal pass. Zhezuc under the close supervision of Pep Guardiola, who knows how to work with young people, it promises to grow into a real superstar.

2. Julian Draxler

From / To: "Wolfsburg" - PSG Price: € 40 million.

The most expensive transfer vnutrievpropeysky: Draxler moved from "Wolfsburg" in the PSG for 40 million euros.. The current world champion and one of the main hopes of the German national team, without any doubt, is laid out for him means. Draxler has marked a debut goal as part of PSG - in his first match in Ligue 1 the 23-year old midfielder scored the only goal in the match against the "Rennes". The team with championship ambitions certainly will benefit the German prodigy and current champion of France acquired a quality gain, which, coupled with the transfer of Gonzalo Gedesha able to bring the team Unai Emery to a new level.