Danish "Copenhagen" - This is not the second part of the Slovak "Zilina" to carry a comment echo the press attache of "Spartacus" Trachtenberg (28 January, 5: 1). Here the training required different.

"Copenhagen" is in the lead in the championship of Denmark: 16 wins, 5 draws and 0 defeats. Team Ståle Solbakken played last fall in the Champions League, where in G ceded communicating position "Lester" and "Port", in six games scored a total of seven and missed twice, and on February 16 to meet with "ludogorets" in 1/16 Europa League.

"Spartacus" and "Copenhagen" bind trophy warm ties of the recent past. February 7, 2012-th Nico Pareja with a penalty kick scored the only goal in the final of the legendary off-season club tournament «Copa del Sol». 1486199406_miranchuk_2.jpg

A February 13, 2014 red and white pulled out of his goal five unanswered goals Copenhagen. But I do not want to salt the old "meat" wounds times Karpin coach, so we shall understand a little fresh to the game with "Copenhagen". Short and tezisno - will not ship information.

Ivelin Popov played flexibly and energetically, although it lasted only 45 minutes. But such acceleration Bulgarian we have seen even in the Premier League on holidays. In the Premier League Popov often seems slow and irritated.

Are penalties Davydov? "Spartacus" exclusive beat "Copenhagen"

In Abu Dhabi, Yvelines in the middle of the first half, got into the penalty area, went to the left of the goalkeeper, turned and hit a ball in the hand protector Anekersenu. Penalties in the 30th minute realized Luiz Adriano. The right to break through the 11-meter Carrera players did not get a very long time. The comments were joking, "Lucescu immediately left the collection" Zenith "to keep track of a judge at the match" Spartak "-" Copenhagen ".

I note the efforts of "Spartacus" Brazilian newcomer: one hour of playing time Adriano did not give a specific reason for doubt in the transfer of "Milan". In search of the ball falls into the depth of the field, like Ze Luis, wherein when the situation demands, Luis is always around the penalty area rivals - is teetering on the offside line ready to handle the transmission and break forward.